Halloween gift / Cadeau d’Halloween

A Halloween gift for your kids… and for you!
Un cadeau d’Halloween pour vos enfants… et pour vous!

Disponible en Français sous le titre « Coups montés : Trucs et astuces pour faire marcher tes amis »
Available in English « Gotcha! 18 Amazing Ways to Freak Out Your Friends »

Also available in Danish (no idea what the title is)
Aussi disponible en Danois (aucune idée du titre)

Apprenez à fabriquer des trucs magiques… et monstrueux!
Learn to make magical… and scary things!

This book, written by my significant other, David Acer, has been nominated for a 2010 Hackmatack Literary Award!
(read the english description of the content below the video)

Ce livre, écrit par mon conjoint, David Acer, est en nomination pour le prix littéraire Hackmatack 2010!
(plus de détails en anglais sous la vidéo)

Gotcha! 18 Amazing Ways to Freak Out Your Friends
Written by David Acer • Illustrated by Stephen MacEachern

Does Bigfoot exist? Are crop circles made by aliens? Can dead bodies climb out of their graves and show up at your birthday party? Join Doubting Dave and the Mystery Hunters as they investigate some of the world’s oldest and coolest mysteries, THEN learn how to recreate those mysteries YOURSELF to fool your friends!

* Make fake Bigfoot prints in your own backyard!
* Take phony UFO photos in your car!
* Use an amazing illusion to turn yourself into a headless zombie!
* Show your friends a crazy card trick that will convince them you can travel through time!
* Pull a “King Midas” and turn a pencil into gold!
* Freeze your BFF in his tracks with a trick that looks like hypnosis!

PLUS you’ll learn how to test your ESP, snap a fake ghost photo, bend a spoon with your brain and 9 other cool feats. AND teenage Mystery Hunters Araya and Christina answer all your questions about ghosts, aliens, psychics, hypnotists, sea monsters, Bigfoot and more! Find out the truth while you freak out your friends, then you can say GOTCHA!

“Who wouldn’t want to video a lake monster or a UFO, or seem to fly or to move things with the power of the mind… Clear, step by step instructions… even the design will make readers smile.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Critical thinking and scientific reasoning underscore the fun activities… Gotcha will also provide hours of fun at Halloween or mystery parties. Highly Recommended.”
Linda Ludke, CM Magazine

“Want to convince your friends that Bigfoot is in the area? Delude them into thinking they’ve seen video footage of a lake monster? Create your own Ouija board? It’s all here, with simple instructions, fun factoids and amusing illustrations. While Doubting Dave doesn’t believe in ghosts, crop circles, or psychics, he encourages his young readers to dig deeper, look for clues and talk to experts.”
Today’s Parent

“This is a book that totally lives up to the television show and I am so happy about that… packed with facts, experiments and lots of fun…”
Jelly Mom Children’s Book Reviews

“The sneaky part is that kids will barely notice that they’re learning while they’re having fun… ‘Gotcha!’ is a must-get.”
Cape Cod Times

Check out hilarious comedy, amazing sleight-of-hand and mercifully short films on David’s youtube channel: www.youtube.com/noblegasproductions

“GOTCHA! 18 Amazing Ways to Freak Out Your Friends” by David Acer has been nominated for a 2010 Hackmatack Literary Award! Get your copy at Chapters or Indigo, or order online from www.amazon.com, .ca, or .co.uk

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